Who we are!

Gaslight Creations was an idea shared between two chicks that worked together in a Corporate world but shared a love for art that grew into something bigger.

Meghan a former art student turned Corporate HR Executive is a local Cliftonite with a passion for her community. She wanted to see a long term store that brought people together for entertainment in the Gaslight. She joined forces with a colleague...

Christy a graphic designer and visionary artist, she jumped at the opportunity to expand her love of art and share in a creative outlet with others.  Pairing her free spirited outlook and professional degree in graphic arts she is excited to spread the love of art through the development of Gaslight Creations. 

The idea was to create a concept where people from Artistic and Non-Artistic background could enjoy a place where they could be creative in a more modern and interactive way, not only sharing art with the community but creating it uniquely for their enjoyment at an affordable cost! 

Gaslight Creations offers many ways for you to get involved in art. 

We offer something for everyone and every age! 

A Unique Art Experience!